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  1. I'm curious if people think their physicality influences their aim and preferences like sensitivity, mouse weight etc. Height, arm length, gender, hand size, muscle mass, fat %, fast twitch/slow twitch, reaction time are some of the characteristics that come to mind.
  2. Struth

    Battlefield V

    Yeah I meant 56.25% thanks for the fast reply
  3. Struth

    Battlefield V

    When using the calculator I usually use 56.5% match for the monitor distance. Would I use 156% in Uniform Soldier Aiming?
  4. I've been using the monitor match at 56.25% on a 16:9 monitor which has worked out great for most games but i'm running into an issue on 3rd person games like Fortnite and Realm Royale which have a low FOV (80 and 90). My 'best' sensitivity is from Paladins at 115 FOV which is 54.28cm/360. When converting this to Realm Royale with the monitor match method my suggested value is 77.06cm/360. This is prohibitively low for me and feels terribly slow. Any advice on where to go from here, what to try next?