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  1. Nick

    help sens feeling the same

    also how did u scale imputs
  2. Nick

    help sens feeling the same

    ah alright ill take a look 1 more thing so there's 4 boxes set to monitor distance etc do they all have to be the same and do I have to put the 0 in ??
  3. I have had so issues with my sens from game to game. game 1.I can turn normally and the next game it feels totally different, I heard to have monitor distance 0% etc.,, Does the fov have to be the same does the fov type matter I use 16:9 monitor. anything else change the feeling. Is there a way that I can have my sens the same so I can build muscle memory. Thank you
  4. Nick

    help plz !

    1. If I have monitor distance at 0% under conversion setup and the 360 distance did not match up is it the same from game to game( keep muscle memory) 2. If I change the fov will that effect the sens. Ex. If the default is 75 and I change it to 90 is there a change in sens speed etc... 3. if I change the fov type from vertical to horizontal 4 by 3 I noticed it changes the fov, should I change the fov back, and should I even change the fov type??
  5. Nick

    game to game

    does using different fovs affect game sens tf2 I use 90 fov fortnight has 80 tf2 feels faster I also use monitor distance 0 %
  6. in csgo i have 400 dpi and fov 60 sens 1.05 1920 1080. If im translating to to other games the 360 inches does not match and I Cant change the fov because its csgo and I don't think that's the way to fix it . Is there some way to make my aim feel exactly the same in every game I play cause I have no idea thank you. Also I know to use match at 0% idk if that does anything for me cause it looks as if its off. The new update with monitor distance horizontal idk what to do. Sorry for being all over the face and rambling.
  7. Nick

    help plz

    MouseSensitivityX 0.031570 TargetingSlow 1.0000028 400 dpi
  8. Nick

    help plz

    from game to game I use different fov and have match at 0 I was told that the 360 wont feel the same but the aim will. So in other games like tf2 my shot feels like how it should but in fortnite hip is good but my ads feels to fast any reasons why ???
  9. before it showed targeting slow now I don't see it anymore is there a way to get it back ????
  10. Nick

    sens game to game

    ok so for example one game is 25 in for 360 convert to another and it says its 15in 360 I match it at 0% does that mean I have the same aim and does it matter what I set my fov to in other games ???
  11. csgo my sens is 1.98 max fov u can go up to in the convert page it says 90 should I change that when im making my sens go to another game and I cant change the fov and the inches to 360 don't match up what should I do ? so I can have the same aim in every game I have ????
  12. Nick


    1 last thing in game ads feels off// in other games ex pubg tf2 etc feel the same and good in fortnite something just feels off idk ??
  13. Nick


    ok it shows up now thank you!
  14. Nick


    why is that ???