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  1. spyder256

    Game requests

    Adding Postal 2 would be sick. Just started playing it again
  2. spyder256

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    Yes that's what I meant. It's not quite as jarring converting from 74 vert.
  3. spyder256

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    I guess I could start using a more reasonable fov for most games. Like 74 vertical, which is apparently about what cs:go uses, and I know that's the limit in Planetside 2. Initial impressions converting that to Overwatch, actually doesn't feel too horrible and slow. So maybe I'll try this for a bit. Though for some games the really high fov's are really nice, oh well.
  4. spyder256

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    Shoot I mean if I could increase the fov in Overwatch I would but.... yeah. 103 hdeg is pretty limited imo, not the worst but not good either. I don't get sick like some do at low fov but I like having more spacial awareness and such
  5. spyder256

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    So let's say you have a game with a restricted fov, like idk Overwatch. And another game with unlimited or very high fov limit (like 100 degrees vertical) and you prefer having it very high in that game or games. How is having sensitivity massively different in both games by 0% monitor distance matching anything but detrimental? I'm having difficulty understanding this. Like if my 360 in the 100 vert game (let's say BF4) was 35cm, it would be 79cm 360 in Overwatch. I'm really struggling to see how that makes any sense whatsoever.