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  1. Hello I need some help and I was wondering if my idea may be possible. So in Battlefield 1 I used a 10x zoom for my sniper at 113 sensitivity, 400 dpi, 10 soilder sensitivity, and my Uniform Soldier Aim was turned off. The With these in game settings, the distance for my mouse to travel with for a 360 with a 10x sight was 123.0618. Now I am playing Battlefield V. There is no 10x sight at the moment so I have been using 6x sights. I am trying to get the same feeling of my 10x sight from BF1 at 113 in game sensitivity to the 6x sight in BFV. I asked this question before but I assume the person who responded did not understand my question. I do not want my 6x sight to take 123.0618 inches for a 360, because that would feel too slow. If I was to use the 10x at 113 in BF1 it feels faster then the 6x in BFV even with the same distance traveled. I know this is the reason because of the difference in zoom. What I am trying to do is keep that quick feel from the 10x in BF1 but on my 6x in BFV. Is there a way to calculate this? My friend said to just do 113/0.6 but I do not think this is correct. Please help. Thank You
  2. Hello, I haven't tried converting my sensitivity to PUBG for a while and a lot has change now it seems. Now there are 3 different sensitivities for ADS, depending on the gun. I also see that Config 2 has been removed from the calculator. I was just wondering if someone could tell me which ADS conversion I should use to get my ADS sensitivity? I am not sure if I should be using the AR as ads sensitivity. The last time I converted my sensitivity was when it was just called "scoped" Are one of the 3 ADS sensitivity options the same as "scoped" from back in the day? Also one last question, should I leave all my sensitivities in game at 50 then close the game and change my sensitivity in the config file, or should I change my in game sensitivity according to the calculator then closing the game and changing the config file to the sensitivity that I get from the calculator? Than You :)
  3. Tiko

    PUBG Config sensitvity

    I did not know this. Thank you so much.
  4. Thank you for the help on my end with a 10x scope at 113 in game sens and 400 dpi it is 123.0618 inches. But thank you for the help ❤️
  5. Hello, So I was wondering if someone could help with a question about the 6x scope in BFV. So in BF1 I used 113 sensitivity for the 10x zoom. I want to get the same feeling of 113 on 10x as I did in BF1 on the 6x scopes in BFV. I dont want the inches the mouse to travel to be the same because that isn't what I am after. I am trying to find a way for the 6x to feel the same in BFV to the 10x in BF1. My friend said to just do 113/0.6 but I am not sure if that is correct. Thank You
  6. Hello, So I play alot of Rainbow Six Siege, it seems like a good amount of Pros and Content Creators use a sensitivity where their hip-fire is a 1 to 1 ratio with their ads, which are the irons sights/ 1x sights. I have always struggled to find my personal own sensitivity. I can find my hip-fire because of CS:GO but not my ADS sensitivity. Alot of people say that I can just make my ads a 1 to 1 but I feel like I lose accuracy and consistency when its that high, 20.252 inches for a 360. Can anyone help or give advice on how to find the ads that would work for me? Also should I use a 1 to 1 sensitivity? I have in the past and it worked well in Siege and other games like PUBG and BF1. But when I played Fortnite it was too fast, so I lowered it, and now coming back to Siege that 1 to 1 sensitivity feels so fast. If someone could help or give advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
  7. Hello, thank you for the help. My main game is Rainbow Six Siege. My hip-fire is easy to find it is the ads sensitivity for other games that does not make sense to me. How do I find what my ads sensitivity should be from lets say Siege to BO4?
  8. Okay thank you. But what about my ads sensitivity? Should I put it to 360 conversion or leave it as it is in the photo?
  9. I must be doing something wrong. Sorry for troubling you with this. I will try to figure it out. I think I might have figured it out though. I had iron sights on in BO4 and that is faster then reflex sight but im assuming that the irons/elo sight has not been added to the calculator yet. I also did not know that the pistol iron sights were even faster then the AR irons sights for example.
  10. Okay thank you for explaining but for me if I get the sensitivity to match I have to change my FOV for example from Siege to Black Ops I have to put it at 65 FOV on Siege for it to match in Black Ops. Or if I get my FOV to match then the mouse distance travel is completely different. Siege is 20 inches while Black Ops is 33 inches
  11. Hello, so I did what you said, to use the "All ADS" option and I got my sens, but if I was to put it into the calculator to see what the distance of travel is for my mouse it says its like 35inches which is not the same as my Siege, does this mean it will feel much slower or will it feel the same as my Siege sens because of the FOV?
  12. Ohh I see, okay thank you so much. You were extremely helpful
  13. Not a problem you have been super helpful. Plus its not even that bad haha. I have a screenshot of me trying to convert my sens to BO4 and I am struggling. I can't match the fov unless i was to drop my Siege fov to 65
  14. I see okay thank you When would I use the 36p degree conversion? Is that for games that use the same type of fov? Also in your picture I see you got the distance your mouse travels to be pretty much the same. For me the inches are sometimes pretty far apart.
  15. Quick question, would this method also work for other games like BO4? I converted my sens s few days ago to BO4 from Siege using the 360 Degrees method and it feels quicker on BO4 then it does on Siege. My BO4 FOV is set to 120 at the moment.
  16. Okay I will give that a shot. Thank you
  17. My fov in Siege is set to 90. Should I lower it to 80 to make it feel similar to my fortnite sens?
  18. Hello, I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but I am trying to convert my sensitivity from Fortnite to Rainbow Six Siege. My Fortnite sensitivity is 400 dpi 0.08 0.43 ads and 0.50 scoped. I have been using the 360 degrees conversion setup for all my games but I feel like my sensitivity in Siege is so much slower then it is in Fortnite, but if I was to go against a wall and measure it, it comes out to the same distance traveled. I believe by default Fortnite's FOV is 80 and I have my Siege FOV set to 90. Can anyone please help? Thank You!
  19. Hello, So I know that BFV just came out for Premier members but I noticed something really strange and was wondering if someone could help me. My 1x zoom for iron sights and my pistol ads sens is being really weird. My 1x zoom for the "red dot/scope" is perfectly normal but the 1x zoom for irons sights is extremely slow, which makes no sense since they are both the same zoom. My 1x zoom is around 47 inches for a 360 but when I swap to iron sights its closer to 90 inches for a 360. Aside from that, my pistol ads sens is the same as my hipfire sens which is really odd because it should technically be a 1x zoom if im not mistaken. My Uniform Solider Aim is off and my ADS FOV is on. Thank You
  20. Ohhhhh myyy gooood lol I love you. I just changed 1.25 to what my irons usually are in lets say Siege and it worked, same for 1.5 Thank you so much lol
  21. I know that there are a few types of iron sights, but for BFV, when you are looking at the scopes, it says 1x iron sights, while others say 1.25x or 1.5x
  22. Hello, So I have been a member for almost two years now, and want to start off by saying thank you to the people who developed this website. You have saved me so much time and hassle finding my sensitivity for other games. Thank you. Now the reason I am making this post is because recently I began playing Warframe just as a game to kill time when none of my friends are on. My sensitivity in every game I play is 20.252 inches for my hip, my ADS sensitivity is 47.0977 inches, and my Scoped sensitivity is (depending on the zoom, for example 1.5x) 81.0081 inches, 400 dpi. I know that in Warframe, the FOV will change the speed of your sensitivity so I used the converter and found that if I set my FOV to 69 I would get pretty damn to the distance for my sensitivity. With that in mind, the converter told me that my hip sensitivity should be 1, which was absolutely correct. Then my "aim" sensitivity should be 6 in game. I haven't got to test my scoped sensitivity so I am not sure if the sensitivity is off for that as well, but 6 was definitely not the correct sensitivity for aiming. I figured out that in game, on 400 dpi, the correct aiming sensitivity was 1. When my aim sensitivity is 1, the inches for my mouse to travel is just under 47.0977, maybe by and inch or so. I do think that this may be a bug of some sort and wanted to make this post to maybe have a moderator take a look at the converter or for anyone else having this issue. By the way I used "Convert 360 Degree Distance to" in the converter. Still love this website, please never go away. I love having this website in my life ❤️ Thank You! -Tiko
  23. That's incredible to hear Thank you for always looking at the forums and keeping everything efficient. Truly love this website.