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Found 20 results

  1. 一大堆中国人正在靠近.mouse-sensitivity,买了永久版本完全不会用。
  2. I converted my R6 1x sight sensitivity to my CS:GO hipfire. My Siege FOV is 82 and i used the 360 method and it works, but when I convert my Acog in siege to AWP zoom 1 it feels way to fast even though its the same 360. What method of conversion should I use when games have drastically different FOVs?
  3. Hey guys! I'm trying to do something like this guy was trying to do but in reverse (from 2d to 3d) what settings should I use on the calculator? Also, should I convert osu! sens to Fortnite and then Fortnite to the another games? Or osu! to each game? Thank you for the help, very appreciated. (Sorry for my English, it isn't my native language)
  4. Hey, im new. I'm very confussed. I play a lot of Rainbow six siege. I want to change my sens in every fps game to my Rainbow sens. 1.how can i change my hipfire/ads sens to pubg? I dont know how to convert it to the scopes. 2.what is the zoom sensivity in csgo? Its like an acog in rainbow or what? Ps: My sens is 8/8 83 400dpi maybe someone can help me. Thank you!
  5. reapingbaear


    what settings should i use to convert csgo sensitivity to osu! ?
  6. Zaraaf

    Siege to CSGO

    Hello, I am having the worst time trying to figure out how to get my Rainbow six siege sensitivity converted to csgo sensitivity. Below I have provided a screenshot of my R6 config, If you know how to do this please reply to this thread or add me on discord Zaraaf#6248 Rainbow Six Config Thank you ~Zaraaf
  7. What settings are best to choose in conversion setup? CS:GO res (1152x864) stretched. tell me what sensitivity to set for maximum similarity Pls.
  8. Can somebody help me? i play CSGO with 400 DPI and a Sensivity of 3.5 (4:3 1280x1024) Rawinput ON I also play osu, but i really can't play with the new mouse, and need the 1:1 converted settings of it. so could somebody help me out? ^^ Osu = 1920x1080 16:9 fullscreen. also Rawinput ON
  9. Hello everyone! I really enjoy playing FPS games, I mainly play Doom but also Overwatch, etc. But unfortunately I have to switch between my dad's and mom's house regularly due to them being divorced, and the problem is that in one house I have a 15.6' screen Laptop and in my other I have a 24' screen Desktop, and this as lead me to having a lot of problems when trying to maintain a stable aim in common shooter games. I have tried to solve this in various ways. My both computers mouse settings are all default except for the Mouse Acceleration that is turned off, I have the same exact mouse and mouse pad in both computers (Yes, two mice and two pads exactly the same), both computers have 1080p resolution that I use in all my games, the same FOV ingame and a stable similar performance in both computers normally locked at 60fps. I've also measured my mechanical sensitivity (cm/360º) which is around 13cm (~5.1'), that I use in most games. With the same in-game sensitivity in both computers (Doom:3.5, Ow:12) I get practically the same mechanical sensitivity in games on both computers, and my mouse has 800dpi (although when I try to read it with Word and a ruler it's normally around 900-950dpi). Now the problem is that when I switch between computers after playing in one of them for a while I struggle with aiming a lot. Even though the cm/360º is the same it really does not feel like it is. And it is really frustrating having get used to how a game feels in a different computer now imagine this occurring every week. From what I've noticed I'd say that the problem as to do with the different monitor size, and I'd be more than thankful if someone could help me out with this screen size difference and/or what could I do to stabilize my aim with different monitor sizes.
  10. Daddelgreis

    Need Help

    I dont know why ... but the complete converter not works for me (check Attachment) ... My Question is only when i play Fortnite with 2400 DPI and 7 Ingame what is the same sens by Overwatch (103Fov) ? Big thx to all <3 by the way ... Paypal not works for German Guys to Donate :/
  11. Freddyen

    Calculation help!

    I have this issue. I can not get my H1Z1 sensitivity. https://gyazo.com/a5199af5def43456e0b2462eaadf073a For a month age i did this. Excactly the same and i got a new sensitivty on H1z1. But now it wont work
  12. Hello! I'm new to the these forums, and I occasionally read here to learn new things about mice and the math behind sensitivities, and etc. To get to the point I've had the same sensitivity CSGO: (2.2 @ 400DPI) 4:3 1024 x 768 stretched. I've had this sens for about 2 years and ever since I've gotten a new monitor (about a year ago) Acer GNL24 144hz 1080p. It's hard to articulate what frustrated me to the point of trying 10 different mice and different dpi's, sensitivities and finally changing my resolution to my old monitor 1600x900 (not ingame, desktop) I don't know if there's a reason why it feels more snappier and accurate, personally I don't think it's a placeboo, and I want to hear from someone who might have insight on this topic, I've speculated that it was because my 400dpi doesn't cause as much pixel skipping on 1600x900 opposed to 1920 x 1080. because if I change my DPI to 1600 It'll feel a lot slower due to not as much pixel skipping. + I can also post me spraying an AK on different resolutions to show that the lower the desktop res the more tight it is. TL;DR Does changing to a lower desktop resolutions help with lower dpi feel smoother and accurate?
  13. the result is obviously wrong,I used to setting 20 in bf3 and 30 in bf4
  14. Hi guys, I'm having a strange issue with a fresh install of Windows 10 that I applied to my PC last weekend (May 27th) where my current setup is yielding a shorter Inch/360 than it was previously. Here's what my settings were on my previous installation of Windows 10: Core i7 4790K GTX 1070 Razer Deathadder Elite (Previously used Deathadder Chroma) Used settings akin to 10.22-10.25inch/360. Games mostly played: Quake 1-3 (Including CPM): Sensitivity 2.0 Reflex: Sensitivity 7.65 NO ingame accel anywhere. Windows "enhanced pointer" mouse accel off WPS 6/11 Windows scaling set at 100% @ 1920x1080 --------------------- The new installation of windows uses the exact same setup, except now i'm getting closer to 9.5inch/360 than my usual measurement. All previous windows installation calculations were done using the sensitivity calculator on this website, and were 1:1 up until the new installation of windows. The actions i've done so far: Run my Deathadder elite clean, no software on/installed. Run my Deathadder elite with Razer Synapse software on Used a different mouse entirely: Cheap logitech M100 I got from work. Cleaned both sensors for good measure. With both mice, ran the Enotus mouse test, found that my Deathadder, which was set to 800 DPI, was running closer to 900+, and the M100, listed as 1000DPI, ran closer to 1200+. Ran the MarkC Fix for 100% scale, which is what my PC was set to. No effect. Reverted action afterwards. Installed/Uninstalled Razer Synapse multiple times. No effect. Changed mouse polling rate from 1000hz, 500hz, and 125hz. No effect. Uninstalled Windows Game Bar through Windows Powershell. Made sure it was off in registry. No effect. Double checked to make sure Windows enhanced pointer was off, it was. Double checked to see if Windows was set to 6/11 for pointer speed. It was. Installed newest USB Drivers for my motherboard. Physically measured mouse distance in multiple games a 360 turnaround from a reference point, got consistent measurements of 9.5in/360 Used both mice on another PC to confirm it wasn't the mice hardware. Can confirm mice are fine. ------------------------- I'm pretty stumped, and figured this would be the correct place to ask. Open to any and all suggestions at this point. Thank you, -J
  15. Hello! What's the difference between viewspeed and 360° distance? I want to use windows sens is cs go but don't know which one to pick.
  16. My CS: GO Sensitivity: 1.22 DPI: 650 Monitor Size: 24 in. The problem is that the sensitity is zero which does not work in the options.
  17. I've been having some issues with rainbow six sensitivities, probably due to my lack of understanding. First off, how would I get the acogs, iron sights / holos, and hipfire to all feel the same? I use a sens of 7 ingame but I don't know where to go from there. I figured out that if you set xfactoraiming to 1 then all sensitivities match, but then acogs feel to fast due to the fov. What do I do?
  18. There is a possibility I could be doing something incorrectly, but I don't think I am. whenever I try to get my acog sens multiplier for siege it gives me an incorrect multiplier. I found my hip fire multiplier correctly, but when I go to do my acog I put in all the correct info (I have checked it a bunch so I know it's correct) and it gives me a number, but when I go to test it, it's not the correct multiplier. If anyone has any idea what's happening just let me know. But for the time being I'm just not using acogs in the game. EDIT: I fixed it (I think), if you are having the same problem this is how you find the correct XFactorAiming for acog. Take your MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit which you should have when you are tying to find your XFactorAiming. Then find the average between the two. Not sure what even made me try finding the average, but it works as far as I can tell.
  19. I need help converting my CSGO sensitivity to BF1, Division, Battlegrounds and Overwatch. In CSGO my sensitivity is 1.34 and 800dpi. As i changed my sens i also thought i would change it every where but not sure how to do it for some of these, or like BF1 get completely lost with its 30 sliders. Thanks in advanced