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Found 24 results



    CSGO 1280X960(stretched) 1.41>>>>>OVERWATCH 1920X1080 5.96 I feel good
  2. Hey guys been having a lot of trouble getting my Fortnite settings over if anyone can point me in the right direction. Current Fortnite settings DPI - 800 In-game sens - .05 Targeting ads- .70 Scope - .55 (This comes from my Overwatch widow scope of 38) Please help out or point me in the right direction. The scope feels right but my ADS feels a little off. I have the paid subscription here but I haven't figured out how to work it as well as I want.
  3. im struggling in finding my sens in osu from overwatch. somebody please help. 400 dpi 8-sens, 44-scope sens, fov 103(ow) PLEASE HELP
  4. I was wondering if anyone would know how to find out what pointer speed/dpi would make moving a cursor around on windows simulate my in-game overwatch sens? I find that when ever I try to snap to a window or a tab, I'm often consistenly a few centimetres short. Now obviously this isnt an issue, but i was thinking if could make this feel 1:1 it could potentially reduce warm-up time/improve muscle memory. I play on 2000dpi/1.7 I dont really know how i would even work this out aside from just abritrarily making the cursor distance from left to right the same as my cm/360 or 180 in game. Any suggestions?
  5. Daddelgreis

    Need Help

    I dont know why ... but the complete converter not works for me (check Attachment) ... My Question is only when i play Fortnite with 2400 DPI and 7 Ingame what is the same sens by Overwatch (103Fov) ? Big thx to all <3 by the way ... Paypal not works for German Guys to Donate :/
  6. Hey all, I'm new to using this site, and while I managed to mess around with some base numbers, I'm having a really hard time lining up some specific games. Overwatch is my favorite game, and I used 4 sensitivity with 800 dpi, and the widow/ana scope is 38...how would I translate that best into rainbow 6 siege? I tried using the 360 rotation, which seems to line up well enough, but I can't figure out the difference between iron sights and ACOG! Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any help in advance!
  7. Edit: Follow this to see better answers from wizards on the forum. I want to get a new overwatch sens close to 5300 edpi (26.14 cm/360) with a preference for a dpi between 700-1400. To match with a ratio like 1:4 both horizontal distance movement, what process should I use? Is windows to overwatch best in my case? I also dont know what % to use in monitor distance. I will experiment with any conversion method if needed. Monitor: 20 x 11.3 vertical 22.9 inch
  8. hello all, and thank you for your time. I used the converter to get my sensitivity from CS:GO to Overwatch and had a question about it. (I am extremely picky about it being as close to CSGO as possible, I didn't even buy Overwatch until they implemented decimal sensitivity.) Anyways, I play 1024x768 black bars on CSGO, with a 23" screen. (0.75 sens, 2300 DPI) When I converted my sensitivity for Overwatch, I get 2.5, which feels right. (same monitor, same dpi) My question is about a specific part of the conversion. When using the default FOV in Overwatch (103), I get -- Discrepancy: -5.046% (-0.3727 inches) By adjusting my Overwatch FOV to 98, I was able to achieve Discrepancy: 0.0528% (0.0041 inches) therefore, my question is using a 98 FOV going to make my OW feel more like my CSGO? Regardless of the FOV, the calculator always shows a 360° rotation: 9.4862 inches. I am confused as to what the ratio/discrepancy truly means and how it affects the precision of my aim. I would greatly appreciate some insight into this and if I should use the 98 FOV to have my aim feel as close as possible to my aim in CS:GO. Once again, thank you everyone for your time.
  9. Hello everyone! I really enjoy playing FPS games, I mainly play Doom but also Overwatch, etc. But unfortunately I have to switch between my dad's and mom's house regularly due to them being divorced, and the problem is that in one house I have a 15.6' screen Laptop and in my other I have a 24' screen Desktop, and this as lead me to having a lot of problems when trying to maintain a stable aim in common shooter games. I have tried to solve this in various ways. My both computers mouse settings are all default except for the Mouse Acceleration that is turned off, I have the same exact mouse and mouse pad in both computers (Yes, two mice and two pads exactly the same), both computers have 1080p resolution that I use in all my games, the same FOV ingame and a stable similar performance in both computers normally locked at 60fps. I've also measured my mechanical sensitivity (cm/360º) which is around 13cm (~5.1'), that I use in most games. With the same in-game sensitivity in both computers (Doom:3.5, Ow:12) I get practically the same mechanical sensitivity in games on both computers, and my mouse has 800dpi (although when I try to read it with Word and a ruler it's normally around 900-950dpi). Now the problem is that when I switch between computers after playing in one of them for a while I struggle with aiming a lot. Even though the cm/360º is the same it really does not feel like it is. And it is really frustrating having get used to how a game feels in a different computer now imagine this occurring every week. From what I've noticed I'd say that the problem as to do with the different monitor size, and I'd be more than thankful if someone could help me out with this screen size difference and/or what could I do to stabilize my aim with different monitor sizes.
  10. Hi, could anyone help me with syncing my Overwatch sensitivity to Osu? My DPI is 800 and my ingame sens is 6.07 for Overwatch.
  11. is keep saying Too low sensitivity or too high new DPI but if possible i want to use same dpi(OW 1600DPI 3.75SENSE 6000EDPI) and no change dpi plz tell me what sensitivity i can use in Aiming.Pro 1600DPI plus should i use viewspeed v2 or 360distance ? from Korea
  12. Hi, I'm pretty new to this and I don't know what I need to use for the conversions. My DPI is 1000 and ingame sens is 4. Thanks!
  13. while converting zoom sense is keep saying " Calculated sensitivity too high Increase either sensitivity 1 or new DPI " it's easy to find in 360distance but i don't want to use 360distance because of FOV differnce i want to know about monitor distance & viewspeed V2 plz help me from Korea
  14. Hello, could someone check for me sens from Overwatch to Rainbow Six Siege? I have 800DPI and 3.5 Sens in Overwatch and I want to check how much sens it would be in Rainbow. Btw is there option to check scope sens too? I have scope sens 40 in Overwatch. I just want to know that 1 or 2 sensitivities for Rainbow.
  15. flickleberry


    hello i cannot afford my sub this month and have just got overwatch. can anyone convert my CSGO sens to overwatch i use 450 dpi and 2.2222 sens 1440x1080 res on csgo and 1440x900 on overwatch
  16. overwatch PTR supports decimal adjusting now, are we going to have it recently ?
  17. Hey! can someone help me convert please? On Overwatch, i use: 800DPI, 15 Sens, 103 FOV , 1980x1080, in a 21.5 monitor but i cant convert to destiny 2 , as my credit card isnt accepted on this site, can anyone convert for me?
  18. NoTextFlow

    Need help converting

    I need help converting my overwatch sensitivity to BF1 theres just many sliders i have no idea how to. If someone could help i would appreciate it.
  19. I'm currently using 4.25 and 800 DPI on Overwatch with a 103 fov. I would like to have the same sens in csgo, but I can't really figure out what I have to use exactly, I'm playing on 1280 x 960 4:3, my question would be what do I have to fill in exactly to get the same sens
  20. I need help converting my CSGO sensitivity to BF1, Division, Battlegrounds and Overwatch. In CSGO my sensitivity is 1.34 and 800dpi. As i changed my sens i also thought i would change it every where but not sure how to do it for some of these, or like BF1 get completely lost with its 30 sliders. Thanks in advanced
  21. Hey there, I've played osu! for ages and am just getting into FPS and I'm having trouble finding the right sens. It always feels out of whack. In osu! I use 1500dpi with 0.65 sens, with WPS disabled. 1366x768 Hoping to convert to Overwatch, if anyone could give me a hand figuring this out I would be super grateful. Having trouble with the calculator. Sorry to be a bother <3
  22. Hey there, I'm trying to reduce My FOV from 103 to 80 for better enemy sight in Overwatch. but when I do that, the sensitivity gets really fast, how can I keep the same mouse feel with a lower FOV? anyone knows the multiplier? Playing on 1920x1080, 103 FOV, 3 sens in-game, 800 dpi. My goal is to keep the same dpi, reduce the FOV to 80 and reduce the in-game sens to feel just like on 103 FOV. If anyone knows the FOV\SENSITIVITY multiplier that would be awesome so I can play with it and choose the best combo Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello im pretty new to this i dont know what i need to use for the conversions My DPI is 1600 and ingame is 4.00 sens in OW Thanks!