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Found 6 results

  1. In Siege, I use an alternate multiplier from what is default. I use 0.002230, rather than 0.02. I'm having a difficult time with the calculator specifically with games like CS and Apex. When I use the calculator to convert it doesn't feel in game like I'm doing things properly. In CS especially; the calculator suggests that I alter my CS FOV debug setting which it says isn't allowed without activating cheats I would also appreciate if someone could clarify this. Siege Settings: V/H : 84, ADS: 65, DPI: 400, Mult.: 0.002230, 24 in. Monitor. 1920 x 1080, 90 FOV, 4:3 aspect ratio. Please ask questions if necessary, thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Can somebody help me? i play CSGO with 400 DPI and a Sensivity of 3.5 (4:3 1280x1024) Rawinput ON I also play osu, but i really can't play with the new mouse, and need the 1:1 converted settings of it. so could somebody help me out? ^^ Osu = 1920x1080 16:9 fullscreen. also Rawinput ON
  3. Hi, I'm pretty new to this and I don't know what I need to use for the conversions. My DPI is 1000 and ingame sens is 4. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I have 6 sensitivity in OW and 103 FOv, if i change my csgo sensitivity to 1.8 it is not accurate, raw input is ON. this is my viewmodel, if it matters: //Viewmodel viewmodel_fov 68 viewmodel_offset_x 2.5 viewmodel_offset_y 2 viewmodel_offset_z -2 cl_bobamt_lat 0.1 cl_bobamt_vert 0.1 cl_bob_lower_amt 5 cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt 0.5 cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt 0.25 Can u help me? ._. ty
  5. Hello, could someone check for me sens from Overwatch to Rainbow Six Siege? I have 800DPI and 3.5 Sens in Overwatch and I want to check how much sens it would be in Rainbow. Btw is there option to check scope sens too? I have scope sens 40 in Overwatch. I just want to know that 1 or 2 sensitivities for Rainbow.
  6. I'm currently using 4.25 and 800 DPI on Overwatch with a 103 fov. I would like to have the same sens in csgo, but I can't really figure out what I have to use exactly, I'm playing on 1280 x 960 4:3, my question would be what do I have to fill in exactly to get the same sens
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