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As per title,


I don't understand the difference between the various monitor distance and viewspeed.


As far as I read on the forum, you should use CM/360 FOR basic sens and monitordistance/viewspeed for scopesens.


Actually I converted CSGO scope sens to CodwII sens using viewspeed v2 and it looks a bit faster than cs. Is that normal? SHould i use monitor distance?


Also, whats the difference between using 50 percent m. distance and 100? shouldnt i use 100 percent everytime for maximum accuracy?

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5 minutes ago, Drimzi said:

If you are using viewspeed v2, you should be using one constant input to calculate all outputs. So set your input to csgo, then convert viewspeed to csgo zoom sens (pick awp zoom 2), cod ww2, cod ww2 ads, and any other game.

I don't undestand im sorry.

How do I get this constant?

I play with 63 cm/360. 800 dpi 0.825 sens 0.8 zoom sens. How can I get this one constant?


edit: why zoom 2 instead of zoom1? Im much more instrested on first zoom of the awp...

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Probably I didn't explain my problem properly?

here is the screenshot.




My codWII sens with rifle (kar98 iron sight) is almost the same but a little bit faster.


With monitor distance 100 percent it gives me a smaller value -> 

Sensitivity 1:
Horz. ADS Sensitivity 0.469

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1. always use csgo hipfire as base

2. calculate cod hip fire at fov 90 => 0.526

3. calculate cod ads sens at 75 % monitor distance (to emulate csgo) and multiply result with 0.8 (= your zoom sens ratio) => 0.617 * 0.8 = 0.4936

caveat: this zoom sens is only 100 % correct for weapons that have Actual HFOV: 69.53 degrees

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On 12/5/2017 at 10:10 AM, soZehh said:

What I want to say is after a few deathmatchs, is that monitor 100 percent looks much more accurate that viewspeed, why?

100% doesn't work unless the game uses a corrected projection. Best to use Viewspeed v2 as CS:GO and COD use rectilinear projection. The reason why 100% monitor match feels better is because it is slower. Unless you are using an uncomfortably slow sensitivity already, lowering your sens will always feel easier.

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