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Sensitivity for this game has to be set in the registry.

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Added hipfire and zoom sensitivity. Use config file for best accuracy.


Added with X and Y sensitivity.


Added, good luck finding a game!
DPI Wizard

Need some feedback from you guys!

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Since the calculator is getting more and more complex, a simple mode is definitely needed for a lot of users.

For this to work, a lot of decisions have to be made default, and I need some feedback here.

Here's the most likely options that will be hidden and pre-selected in the simple mode:

  • Input mode: Sensitivity
  • All sensitivity and multiplier options that do not need to be calculated will be set to the default values.
  • Special Options will be set to a pre-selected one.
  • WPS will be set to 6.
  • FOV Type will be set to the game's default.
  • Location will be set to in-game where available, then config file.

So all these options will be forced and not shown to simplify the layout.

Now for the part I need some input with. For the calculations to work, a pre-selected conversion method must be hard-coded. All aims are already tagget with either Normal (i.e. Hipfire or Default), ADS (up to 1.25x), Scope or Desktop. Normal is also differentiated by first person and third person.

So we end up with a table like this (MD = Monitor Distance):

From   \   To Normal FPP Normal TPP ADS Scope Desktop
Normal FPP 360 Distance 360 Distance 75% MD 75% MD 100% MD
Normal TPP 360 Distance 360 Distance 75% MD 75% MD 100% MD
ADS 75% MD 75% MD 75% MD 75% MD 75% MD
Scope 75% MD 75% MD 75% MD 75% MD 75% MD
Desktop 100% MD 100% MD 75% MD 75% MD 100% MD

So my question is how would you fill out this table to be best suited to work for "everyone" (i.e. not you specifically)?

What I've filled out is  just an example. Any monitor distance or viewspeed is accepted.

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44 minutes ago, potato psoas said:

So are you saying you want to use individual monitor distance matches for different levels of zoom?

No, they are currently divided into the tags above which should be fine. What I'm wondering about is what you guys see as the most universal conversion methods between the different tags. For instance from Normal 1st person to scope, what should be used as default? 75% monitor distance, viewspeed 1, viewspeed 2, 0% monitor distance?

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I'm still not sure what you are trying to do but, I'll say this:

In terms of which method to convert with, I don't think it should be a single monitor match because distortion changes from FOV to FOV.

As you approach 0 FOV or 2D, the best monitor distance to use is 100% because the arc of projection becomes flatter and the distribution of points on the monitor becomes more equal, until it is perfectly equal at 0 FOV. However, as you approach 180 FOV the distribution of points projected on the monitor becomes more squished at the center. So therefore, the best way to deal with this is to find a "middle ground". At 180 FOV the middle ground is in the direct center of the screen because EVERYTHING is squished in the center, so the best monitor distance to use is 0%. And because 0 FOV has no distortion, the best monitor distance to use is 100%. Then anything in between is just scaled according to where the "middle ground" is. Higher FOVs approach 0%, lower FOVs approach 100%.

Of course this depends on what projection method the game uses. If it uses rectilinear projection this is the way to do it, if it uses curvilinear projection then things might get a bit more complicated. And I'm not sure if it's possible or if a game even exists, but if a game can or does correct the distortion you wouldn't need to scale at all and could just use 100% monitor match as it would match the whole monitor and therefore all points on the monitor perfectly on the 2D image.

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