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This just in: Another survival game!

Freestyle GunZ

Revived old shooter just added!


In-game and config file sensitivity added.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2


Metro Conflict: The Origin

Free shooter just in!
DPI Wizard

Simple Mode is here!

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Over the years the calculator has grown more and more complex, and it can be quite overwhelming to a lot of users. To make it easier to use for those who don't need all the features of the full calculator, a simple mode is now available.

Simple mode works like this:

  • All fields that can be locked to a default value will be hidden.
  • For secondary sensitivity and multipliers the game's default values are used.
  • Since secondary sensitivity and multiplier fields are hidden and forced to default values, some conversions won't be possible in simple mode.
  • WPS is locked to 6.
  • Special options are locked to a pre-selected setting, this will be displayed in the output.
  • FOV Type is locked to the games native FOV type.
  • Hipfire to hipfire conversions will use 360 distance.
  • All other conversions will use 75% Monitor Distance.
  • The output is simplified to just show the sensitivity, 360 distance and special options.

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The save function is bugged when trying to save an input in simple or advanced mode.  Everything, including the list of games, disappears upon reloading the site, and I have to delete my saved profile to get them back. 

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