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Help me configuration Sensi / DPI

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Hello, everybody, I'd like a little help.
I've been using the site for a while and I feel like I've really understood how it works. 
I'm sorry I'm French, please excuse me for spelling mistakes.

After so many years, I would like to ask you for an explanation. 
I explain myself here when entering my data which are for example R6: 
Screen: 1920*1080 24" monitor
DPI: 800
Verticlae Horizontal Mouse Sensitivity Verticlae: 13
AIM Down: 54
FOV: 85
So if I take the data for the embedded on Counter Strike or Fornite. And I'm reversing them, they don't match R6's.

So I would like you to give me a R6 screen for Conter Strike CS: GO (Hipfire as AWP) if possible.

Thank you very much for disturbing a French friend. 


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