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Sensitivity for this game has to be set in the registry.

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Which percentage monitor distance matching do you use for sync your sensitivity between fovs?(16:9)

Which percentage monitor distance matching do you use for sync your sensitivity between fovs?(16:9)  

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  1. 1. Which percentage monitor distance matching do you use for sync your sensitivity between fovs?(16:9)

    • 0%
    • 25%
    • 50%
    • 56.25%
    • 75%
    • 100%

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FYI, 56.25% isn't special. It's not actually aspect-ratio independent. It's really quite arbitrary. See here.

Also, it's probably not the best idea to choose a percentage based on what everyone else uses. I understand that most people don't understand anything so they just want someone to tell them what to use, but you really can't join the bandwagon. That's not scientific.

I have a hunch that this is going to be the next eternal gaming debate, just like whether to use high or low sensitivity. I wish there were an easy answer, but you are just going to have to go on a journey of experimentation and find out for yourself.

But if you want some help on choosing one, here's what I have to say:

There is no perfect method. Because of distortion, you are going to have to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each percentage. Also, keep in mind that every percentage above 0% is going to be completely arbitrary. It will not translate as the same percentage for different aspect ratios (depending on FOV type the game uses).

0% monitor match will match your sensitivity at the crosshair. This is extremely helpful when you are tracking, making micro-adjustments and generally requiring precision.

100% monitor match will match your sensitivity at the very edge of the monitor. Unlike 0%, 100% does not make the crosshair consistent between FOV. But what it is good at is maintaining the most muscle memory at all points on the monitor.

I won't bother mentioning any other percentage because depending on if they are closer to 0% or closer to 100% they will give you more precision or more muscle memory.

You might think - then why not use 50% monitor match and get the best of both worlds? That may be true, but you have to remember that "50%" is arbitrary. Just imagine if you extended the length of your monitor by upgrading to a larger aspect ratio. Your 50% monitor match at 16:9 would become 38.1% monitor match at 21:9, as shown below:


(And just imagine what the percentage for 16:9 would be if you matched at 100% for 21:9...)

If you are going to use a percentage above 0% then a lot of it comes down to: how much of the screen do you actually want to use? Other than that, there's no such thing as "50% or 75% is the perfect percentage". They are all arbitrary.

You might be thinking - well, what if we all base it on the same aspect ratio? Wrong assumption. You are forgetting that people sit at different distances from the monitor. What feels right for you at 50cm from the monitor may not feel the same way for someone at 100cm from the monitor. And not to mention the fact that the monitor dimensions won't be the same for every monitor even though they have the same aspect ratio. You can get 19" 1080p monitors and you can get 24" 1080p monitors.


Personally, I wouldn't bother trying to pick a monitor match somewhere on the 2D plane and just go with 0% monitor match. It will be the same no matter the dimensions or aspect ratio of your monitor.

And the most important part of your aim, the crosshair, will always be matched. As you approach your target your crosshair will feel more in control rather than less in control like 75% or 100% monitor match. And if you learn to improve your smooth tracking then every new moment that you reset your awareness, you will feel in control, even if you don't have the muscle memory for flicks, like 100%... but it's not like you don't develop muscle memory through practice anyway. You will get used to the feel of different FOV - but what matters most, your precision, will always be consistent.

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hor zoomfov / hor fov (named 100 % monitor distance in the calculator) has always felt best to me. i preferred it on 4:3 crt and still prefer it on a 16:9 monitor.

when i zoom in while moving the mouse horizontally, it feels like the sensitivity stays the same.

anything less than 100 % feels like a slow down. 0 % is unplayable for me.

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