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Just Cause 4

Just added!


Acceleration is fixed and sensitivity numbers are added, so this game is in!

Hitman 2

Pretty much the same as the previous Hitman, but here it is!


In-game and config file sensitivity added!

CS:GO FOV + SENS scalar script + keypresser (no macro)

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I had this buried under another thread, but since people still want to use it, I've improved it and I'll put it in it's own thread here.

It doesn't follow drimzi's pattern any more, so old macros won't work but you only need to press 1 now, the config files create the loop on their own.

I've removed the need for brand specific keyboard macros, but they can still be used if you want, you only need to make it press 1 repeatedly, but I recommend using the script I've made called keypresser.py which does the same thing for all windows machines.

Also, make sure

zoom_mouse_sensitivity_ratio 1

is set before you start

Download + Instructions here: https://github.com/Skidushe/sens-fov-scalar

Recommended map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104441138

I made a tutorial video here, the audio is a bit loud at some points sorry:


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sensitivity 1.3

monitor distance % match ratio:56.25

fov_cs_debug 83

The result I calculated is 1.183508

I have calculated many times and validated my calculation method with the existing data. If the display distance matches, can you see if my calculation method is wrong?

Computational formula:arctan(8*56.25%/(6/tan(83/2)))*1.3/arctan(8*56.25%/6)

Display resolution ratio:16:9,so the screen length is calculated by 16, and half is 8.

I am looking forward to your reply.

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You should be getting a value of 1.283322 which comes from the bottom formula, modified for the fact that CS clamps the FOV at 4:3:

1.283322 = 1.3 * (90/83) * (arctan(0.5625 * 16/9 * 3/4 * tan(83*pi/360))/arctan(0.5625 * 16/9 * 3/4 * tan(90*pi/360)))

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