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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Golf With Your Friends

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Bunker Punks

Sensitivity for this game has to be set in the registry.

Quantum League

Added hipfire and zoom sensitivity. Use config file for best accuracy.
Martin Bergman

Viewspeed (v1) vs. Viewspeed (v2) vs. Monitor Distance 0%, 56.25%

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It's definitely 0% monitor match.

From a monitor match perspective, it gives you more control at the crosshair. You will feel more in control as your crosshair gets closer to the target. On the other hand, with higher percentages, you are going to feel less in control as you approach your target because the match point is away from the crosshair. It's important to understand that we do not make flicks in one single movement - we are constantly adjusting as we approach the target. So matching at 0% makes it easier to make micro-adjustments if our flick is off. And the higher your monitor refresh rate, the easier it is to make micro-adjustments because you will see more frames in between.

(There's probably a way to calculate just how fast you have to move your mouse to see zero frames between a single motion, depending on your refresh rate... would be interesting)

The other reason why 0% is the best is because it is independent of aspect ratio, sitting distance and perceived monitor size. It is the zoom ratio. It will be unaffected by any game setup simply because the center of the monitor will always be the center of the monitor. It is simply zooming in and out. This is not the case for higher match percentages - you will have to account for a change in monitor dimensions and sitting distance because the match point will be at a different perceived visual angle.

And because it's independent of setup, it is so easy to convert with. If you convert from desktop, you will not have to change in-game sensitivity if you want to use a different DPI. Imagine the headache of changing all your game settings every time you decide to change your converted sensitivity.

Lastly, 0% is the fastest method out of all of them, so you will have precision at the crosshair AND increased turning speed. Especially if you play at higher FOV. 0% is the best method to use if you choose your sensitivity according to how much precision you want at the crosshair.

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Try playing Aim training game like aim lab or aim hero with different FOV than your main FPS game. 

test each conversion method and see which of them drills you did in the aim training game translate directly to your game.



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Thought this website would simplify and make conversions easier, but it has made things even more confusing...

I primarily play fortnite on 800 dpi 0.06 x and y. 0.65 scope and 0.70 ads. 1440 x 1080 res 24 " monitor.


I would like to transfer my sensitivity to csgo and aimhero to practise.


I have been practising on aim hero using 50.53 fov, same sens. is this accurate?

and for csgo what calculation should i use to calculate (hipfire) and (scope 1 awp ssg)


someone please help!

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