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Hitman 2

Pretty much the same as the previous Hitman, but here it is!


In-game and config file sensitivity added!

Mist Survival

Survival game added!

Creative Destruction

Added with support for all scopes. Note that this game has some issues with smoothing/acceleration.

The Long Dark

Use the Mouse Mod linked in the notes to disable acceleration and smoothing.

Where did I go wrong? PUBG FPP

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I'm not really sure what I am doing wrong here, but my PUBG sensitivity is much higher (lower cm/360) than my BO4 sense. Any guess as to why it is so off? I haven't measured what I am getting for my cm/360 sense in PUBG with these settings, but it is wayyyy different. I can measure what I am getting if that would be helpful though. Any feedback is appreciated.

BO4 sense.PNG

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Thanks for the suggestion Comrade881. Unfortunately, changing these inputs in the calculator gave me the same output for my in-game sense settings. I may have to measure my cm/360 by hand to find a close enough sensitivity in PUBG to get as close as I can until the calculator gets fixed if I'm not doing anything wrong. Perhaps an admin could help with this.

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