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The Long Dark

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Trying to get PUBG and BF4 Sens the same

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Hello all, the title pretty much says it all. So here is the issue that I am having. When I try to use BF4 as the "Convert from game" and set all my values as they are in the game

-> https://imgur.com/a/F5pOQnl the base calculations for the game is not accurate yet yield the same result https://imgur.com/a/Aj43ybW

In BF4, my in-game settings are listed as having the coefficient set to 133% AND the iron sight, close range, medium range etc. sensitivities set to 100% Yet, I cannot do that with this calculator. 

If the coefficient is incorrectly set to  0%, it correctly represents the proper sight sensitivities at 100%.

If the coefficient is properly set to 133%, the sight sensitivities change to values that are not in my game.

Yet, the values for PUBG come out the same. Why is this, and should I be concerned? Should I change my values to accurately represent what the calculator is displaying i.e. set Coeffecient to 133% AND have iron sight set to 94%, close range to 97% etc.

Also, is it better to set the "AIM" category to "ALL" or would it be better to figure out each individual sens manual and input the results that way. I.E. BF4  Iron Sight --> PUBG AR ADS


EDIT: Grammar

And another thing, when I set my PUBG (general) sens to 38.9083 and set the  "AIM" to "ALL" and get all of those other values for the other scopes, how are those calculated and what do they mean? Does it mean that based on my General sensitivity, these are the best sensitivities to use with the rest of the scopes? Should I take it as the word of god?



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If you are not changing your conversion setup (which defaults to MDH 0%), the output will be the same for PUBG regardless of your BF4 USA settings. If your BF4 settings are USA 133% and everything else is default, set the Scope and ADS setup to MDV 133, this is essentially the same as USA 133 and the conversions will match this.


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