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Just Cause 4

Just added!


Acceleration is fixed and sensitivity numbers are added, so this game is in!

Hitman 2

Pretty much the same as the previous Hitman, but here it is!


In-game and config file sensitivity added!

(Overwatch) When the mouse weighs from 85 grams to 67 grams How low should the in-game sensitivity be reduced?

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I am Japanese, so I am not good at English.

I changed the mouse from FK2 to Finalmouse. However, I am in trouble because I can not find a good sensitivity.
When I was using FK 2, I played overwatch 's in - game sensitivity at 3.32.
I want to adjust the sensitivity.


What if the weight is 62 grams?

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I know this is late, but if you wanted a science-y explanation I thought of a few days ago,

By newtons second law, F=ma --> a = F/m

Because the m term increases with your new mouse, you'll need a larger force to get the same physical acceleration of your mouse. But once it's at a certain speed, no more force is needed to be added. So it will feel the same as before at a constant velocity, and so your sensitivity should remain the same so at a given velocity it's the same as before.

Basically, the mouse will just feel heavier in your hand to speed up and slow down but you'll adjust to it

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