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Just Cause 4

Just added!


Acceleration is fixed and sensitivity numbers are added, so this game is in!

Hitman 2

Pretty much the same as the previous Hitman, but here it is!


In-game and config file sensitivity added!

Insurgency Scope

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Hello I was wondering what the values for the scope sensitivity are in insurgency, the default values are as follows. normal sensitivity 6.0, iron sight 1.0, and scoped sensitivity 3.0. So when I goto convert there is only 2 values one for the normal sense and for iron sight. the normal one is the same as csgo (same engine) so in this case I would be using 3.5 so that is also 3.5 but when I plug it in it says for the iron sight 1.058620 when I would expect 1.166666 but I am guessing fov is factored in here etc to come to this value of 1.058620. However the scoped zoom sensitivity is missing, this being the default half I could assume it would be 1.75 in my case to keep things relative but im not factoring in fov etc what happens if I use also 3.5 on this does this make this a 1 to 1? Was hoping someone who knows can help me setting this setting. This is also for the original insurgency not the new one.

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Scoped is missing because it was very hard to analyze with support for all the zoom/scope settings. But if I do like in Sandstorm (require certain settings to be on/off) it should be possible to add it.

Ironsight have a much higher zoom than the CSGO scopes, that's why it's different.

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