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Far Cry New Dawn

Hipfire and zoom sensitivity added.

Metro Exodus

The latest Metro game is in!

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Added hipfire and ADS sensitivity.

Apex Legends

Updated with holo sight, 6x and 10x scope.

Bright Memory

This game has some acceleration and no sensitivity value, check the notes for instructions.

Who can help me, which of the two settings is better?

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I don't quite understand the principles of these two settings. I mean, I don't understand the guide. So in this case, I just want to ask, which of these two settings is better? Or how can it be better to set it up? I just want to know how good my csgo zoom1 value is.





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MDH 0% is generally considered the best method for ADS and scopes. For hipfire it's usually between 360 distance (which make navigating easier) or MDH 0% (which makes aiming easier). If you manage to set the same hipfire FOV for the games the methods doesn't matter for hipfire.

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