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Far Cry New Dawn

Hipfire and zoom sensitivity added.

Metro Exodus

The latest Metro game is in!

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Added hipfire and ADS sensitivity.

Apex Legends

Updated with holo sight, 6x and 10x scope.

Bright Memory

This game has some acceleration and no sensitivity value, check the notes for instructions.

help sens feeling the same

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I have had so issues with my sens from game to game. game 1.I can turn normally and the next game it feels totally different, I heard to have monitor distance 0% etc.,, Does the fov have to be the same  does the fov type matter I use 16:9 monitor. anything else change the feeling. Is there a way that I can have my sens the same so I can build muscle memory. Thank you

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0% will preserve the perceived sensitivity, but the rotational distances (physical sensitivity) will change. (useful for ads/scope conversions)

cm/360° will preserve the rotational distances (physical sensitivity), but the perceived sensitivity will change. (useful for hipfire conversions)

You have to decide what you want to preserve.


An in-depth post regarding perceived sensitivity and 0% conversion



I personally use 0% for everything as it is the perceived sensitivity that matters to me. I have learnt to adapt to the change in distances and scale my mouse inputs appropriately. I practiced at various fovs and in real-time.

0% provides a solid framework for learning this as the change in physical sensitivity is the same as the change in scale, velocity and curvature relative to the screen. A 2x magnification (everything enlarges 2x, moves 2x faster) results in 2x the cm/360°. You can achieve great adaptable "muscle memory" with 0% because it is so predictable.

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ah alright ill take a look 1 more thing so there's 4 boxes set to monitor distance etc do they all have to be the same and do I have to put the 0 in ??

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On 2/12/2019 at 8:59 AM, Nick said:

also how did u scale imputs

By moving my mouse more or less...

4 hours ago, Quackerjack said:

@Drimzi but what is the best method for zoom to hipfire? 0% MM feels way to fast

0%, doesn't matter what direction it is.

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