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Golf with accuracy!

Bunker Punks

Sensitivity for this game has to be set in the registry.

Quantum League

Added hipfire and zoom sensitivity. Use config file for best accuracy.


Added with X and Y sensitivity.


Added, good luck finding a game!

Converting Siege to other games, when using alternate multiplier.

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In Siege, I use an alternate multiplier from what is default. I use 0.002230, rather than 0.02. I'm having a difficult time with the calculator specifically with games like CS and Apex. When I use the calculator to convert it doesn't feel in game like I'm doing things properly. In CS especially; the calculator suggests that I alter my CS FOV debug setting which it says isn't allowed without activating cheats I would also appreciate if someone could clarify this.

Siege Settings: V/H : 84, ADS: 65, DPI: 400, Mult.: 0.002230, 24 in. Monitor. 1920 x 1080, 90 FOV, 4:3 aspect ratio.

Please ask questions if necessary, thanks for the help in advance.

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