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Hitman 2

Pretty much the same as the previous Hitman, but here it is!


In-game and config file sensitivity added!

Mist Survival

Survival game added!

Creative Destruction

Added with support for all scopes. Note that this game has some issues with smoothing/acceleration.

The Long Dark

Use the Mouse Mod linked in the notes to disable acceleration and smoothing.


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On 11/3/2018 at 9:35 PM, DNAMTE said:

I ended up putting it to bed.

I really tried to like it, it wasn't for me unfortunately. it just felt too narrow for my liking and ultimately uncomfortable and unstable in comparison to the rival 310, which provides a really firm grip. The GPW skates could be better designed, they seemed to dig in more in comparison to the Rival 310 (on a softer pad 'ARTISAN ZERO 'soft'). I also found myself double clicking a lot, again it could be because the switches are more sensitive than what i'm used to....

I'm using the G pro HERO since the above post. I really like it to be honest. I'm using a different grip with it (compared to the rival 310), more of a claw grip, similar to how i held the G pro wireless, however the G pro HERO feels more comfortable to me, glides better and the clicks aren't as sensitive. At its widest point it's EXACTLY the same width as the Zowie FK1+.

It's really just a low, wider mouse, i like it. It's not as tiny as some reviewers make it out to be. For comparison the FK2 feels TINY in comparison when you actually hold it.

Oh bummer! What are your hand dimensions? My hands are like 10.5cm wide and the GPW feels okay width wise. The G403 is wider than both the GPW and the Rival 310. Oddly enough it doesn't feel a lot wider than the GPW. That said I think both are more or less the same width front to back whereas the Rival 310 seems to flare out wider towards the back as far as I can tell from pictures.

Interesting that you are using the G Pro hero. My friend has a G Pro and I have played with it a tiny bit before. I would definitely have to claw or fingertip grip that mouse.

When you were using the GPW did you find the liftoff and put down actions more clunky than other mice? That's the one thing where I truly feel the G403 is more solid when I compare the two is the action of lifting, moving, and putting the mouse down during big swipes is more clunky with the GPW than the G403. The G403 is also just plain old more comfortable to me. That said I can play with the GPW for a while before it becomes a bit uncomfortable overall.

One interesting thing I have noticed is that my new copy of my G403 seems to have really good stock feet compared to the model I got last year. I wonder if they have improved them.

The GPW mouse feet seem fine to me but I am using a Glorious PC Gaming Race XL mouse pad which is a cloth pad but fairly thin.

I need to find a way to try out the Rival 310 still. Although truth be told at this point I think I could main either the GPW or G403 just fine. I think realistically the main thing to do if I want to get better at any game is to just start grinding away.

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you need to consider the actual design of your mouse skates as well if your using a softer pad like the ARTISAN 'soft'.

For example, larger skates will distribute pressure over a larger area, making the pad able to resist more downward force relative to how far the skates will 'dig' in. Some of the new mice come with skates that are really small and will do the exact opposite. Another factor with a really soft pad is the bottom of your mouse, if your skates are 1mm thick then you will understand as you play the bottom of the mouse will also rub on the pad more. If you have thicker skates, they will simply dig in more and create further resistance.

Again, all this really depends if you can always play with a light hand. I cant, so it's not for me.

A quick note on the GSR, the surface is really slick, it allows your hand to glide over the pad just as well as the mouse. A PLUS in my books. I hated the GSR originally (the very high static friction) however i started using my favorite 'cleaner' on it. Mr Sheen, it contains all kinds of chemicals that make things shiny and repel dust! You just spray a LITTLE on a microfiber cloth and wipe it over. You will instantly see it feels completely different, i actually use this on all my pads.

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