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Formulas for converting from different FOV types

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Hey I was wanting to convert game FOVs with different FOV types to actual HFOV in an excel spreadsheet but I'm not sure what formulas to use and if I need to adjust for radians or degrees or whatever. It tried the formulas here but they didn't seem to work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_of_view_in_video_games

I am particularly in need of the Vertical Degrees to HFOV formula


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5 hours ago, Drimzi said:

Anyone know how to get diagonal fov?


edit: This seems to give me the diagonal fov for 4:3 90 fov on a 16:9 monitor. I just changed the 4:3 horizontal to 16:9 horizontal formula above by changing the aspect ratio to squareroot(((4/3)*(4/3)) + ((3/4) * (3/4))).

(2 atan((squareroot(((4/3)*(4/3)) + ((3/4) * (3/4)))) tan((π 90)/360))) * (180/pi)

106.26 horizontal, 73.74 vertical, 113.66 diagonal. That sounds right?

Yeah, here's how I did it:

c^2 = a^2 + b^2
b = 9 / 16 * a

c = sqrt( a^2 + 81 / 256 * a^2)

c=1/16 sqrt(337) sqrt(a^2) =

diagonal fov = 2 * arctan( sqrt(337) / 16 tan( 106.26° / 2 ) ) = 113.65618274170363734344480439356726269415009144926


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