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Golf With Your Friends

Golf with accuracy!

Bunker Punks

Sensitivity for this game has to be set in the registry.

Quantum League

Added hipfire and zoom sensitivity. Use config file for best accuracy.


Added with X and Y sensitivity.


Added, good luck finding a game!
DPI Wizard

Mouse Sensor Accuracy Test #1 (G900 vs EC2-A vs PM3360)

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Would also love to see new G PRO Hero sensor test vs old G PRO PMW3366 sensor

Btw what mouse pad was used in previous tests?

PS. DPIWizard, do you have old Logitech G3 or Logitech G5 by any means? If so i would've subscribe for 3 years/pay for specific test or whatever for you to test it :lol:

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I haven't really followed the sensor discussions too much lately but is there any reason to expect the Hero might be something "better" than a 3360/3389 with some additional power saving features? Well I suppose I should say 3390 since that's apparently exactly what that is. I mean sensor implementation is one thing but to me it just seems comparing sensors has become a bit of a meme when you have people claiming there's night/day differences between the 3360, 3366 and Truemove1 sensors even though they're technically pretty much the exact same sensor with some firmware? tweaks. 

But yeah it would be interesting to see if said power saving features come with any disadvantages as far as tracking quality goes. 

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