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Hi, so I am new to this website and I was wondering how to use the calculator the "correct" way. I currently use 1600 DPI and 10% in game sensitivity in Battlefield 1, and want to convert that over to PUBG. I should also mention that I do not use Uniform soldier aiming, and that I use x1.25 magnification on pretty much every gun that allows it. ADS FOV is ON.

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33 minutes ago, StrugglePuff said:

Okay thanks. So just to be sure I have two screenshots here. One is converted using 360, and one is using the viewspeed. As you can see, I use 120FOV in BO3, but 74(90) in BF1. Does that mean I should use the viewspeed conversion over the 360?

That's actually up to you, what you prefer. Do you want the muscle memory to aiming to stuff on screen converted, or the muscle memory of doing quick 90 and 180 degree turns.

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